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Happy Christmas

At some point I am going to make a new site to post things, but this time I plan to tell real people that I have seen in real life before about it so they can keep up with all of the insanity that gathers in the space behind my eyes. I'm having trouble making up a name so any suggestions would be worth the gold.

Until then you should have a good Christmas.
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From: Some guy on the internet

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It was over a year ago when we discovered doggy steps and a new milestone in human invention was marked. I was really gunning for the inventor of doggy steps to be this year's Nobel Peace Prize winner. There's always next year I suppose...

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I can run really fast

There are a lot of ideas floating around in my head for things to write about but they refuse to land.

The 4-year-old demon child that lives next door is exactly like the Retarded Policeman - all the way from his looks to the way he asks questions. I haven't been home much lately but if I was I'm sure I would have to turn down his pleadings to do cocaine with him.

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Please Read - No Root Canal Required

The summer has been good to me. Even though in the working man's world there is not a lot of time to write about irrelevant things on the internet because at the real work place they don't give me 3 to 4 months of vacation time to find a summer job to use for drinking money; the summer is still warmer than the winter and it is easier to be outside without a lot of clothes on.

The hummingbirds are enjoying the weather too because I put some red juice inside of a fake plastic flower and hung it on my window for a nice place to eat. I have never fed a hummingbird before but apparently, in nature, they are used to having their red juice boiled by the flowers. Since I am a working man I do not have time to boil my own food and the red juice so I bought the special kind of feed that subverts mother nature's flower boiling techniques.

Today I had to refill the feed since the hungry birds ate it all. I went to the special hummingbird store and told them that I wanted some more of the special no boiling red juice for the birds. They laughed at me. Apparently there is nothing special about not having to boil your bird food.

I drove home feeling like a fool. I saw birds flitting past, mocking me in my drive of shame. One of them pooped on my window. It was a bird's way of laughing I am sure.

I wonder how many other products use this technique to trick you into buying their product. I went to Meijer because I need a new garden hose. Each hose guaranteed to bring water from one place to another. One of those hoses made all of the claims that the others did but it also said, "NO ANIMAL SACRIFICES NEEDED". I assumed that since none of the other hoses made that claim that I would have to sacrifice an animal to use those so I bought the sacrifice free hose and have never been happier.

Have a good rest of your summer for the next 20-some days.

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